Our Founder - Dr. John Ansel Armstrong Thomson
"Nutrition was his life's work."

It was common to catch Dr. Thomson, the inventor of SUPERthrive, chatting with customers for over an hour on the phone. This was a perfect example of his intense focus and dedication to people and nutrition. During those chats, Thomson would tell his customers everything they needed to know about SUPERthrive and how to use it for best results. While Thomson is best known for his plant vitamin solution, he often asked people about their health. If they told him they were eating too many cheeseburgers and fries, he would happily recommend healthier foods augmented with vitamin supplements. Many credit their longevity to his advice. He took multiple supplements daily until his passing at age 100.

Drawing on his studies in biochemistry, Thomson developed SUPERthrive in 1939. The next year he received the Science & Industry's only Gold Medal at the San Francisco World's Fair Golden Gate International Exposition for his SUPERthrive. Thomson accumulated other awards throughout the years and continued to run The Vitamin Institute, selling SUPERthrive to professional and individual growers across the world for the next 71 years until his passing in 2011. He credited his wife, June Hummel Thomson, for his endurance and as his muse for over sixty years.

President - Patrisha Diane Thomson

Thomson's legacy lives on in his daughter Patrisha Thomson, who grew up with SUPERthrive and vitamins in her morning juice. She began working with the company in 1998. As the company's new president, Patrisha's recent changes to SUPERthrive's design and marketing have brought a new, modern face to the product. Remembering SUPERthrive's rich history and its endearing inventor, she has honored her father with his image on the new product labels.

Under Patrisha's leadership, SUPERthrive continues to expand its reach and help growers the world over create the best environment for trees and plants.

Dr. Thomson
Lawn and Garden Marketing
Distribution Association
Lifetime Achievement Award,
January 2006

Dr. Thomson with his Daughter
Patrisha Thomson