"While raising approximately 27,000 tomato plants of six major varieties, we were able to increase germination rates from some 76.5 percent to an astounding 97.3 percent." -- Ray H Bomar II

"Thank you for your product, SUPERthrive. It has helped my garden become a thing of beauty. With regular use I have one of the nicest gardens in the area. I am at present growing squash, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, plums, cherries, and a fairly large variety of flowers and everything is doing just fine." -- Rita Roth

"My first year growing giant pumpkins I grew a 247 lb. pumpkin. The next year, using SUPERthrive, I grew pumpkins 758, 703 and 594 lbs. Thank you!" -- Tom

"I am limited on garden space but found that SUPERthrive gave me twice the yield of vegetables and fruit (berries) compared to the previous year - even the seeds that I started indoors produced much stronger and healthier plants when I used SUPERthrive on them." -- William Cook

"When I used SUPERthrive on my garden and especially on my tomato plants, I had a pound and a half of tomatoes! I absolutely swear by the stuff." -- Darlene Cook

"My vegetables have fallen in love with you and SUPERthrive. We picked about 2000 beans from plants that grew about 13 ft high." -- John Burris

"I've had great success in using SUPERthrive in foliar feeding. I had okra plants get 10'+ tall." -- Bill Zibell

"Much more growth above and below ground than when fertilizers used alone." -- USDA head grower

"Secret weapon of many thousands of quality producers. Nothing at all like it." -- American Florist Supply Co., American Bulb Co., Chicago, Illinois.