Biggest Tree Moved

The largest tree transplant on record at the time in 1998, according to the Guinness World Record, was at a church in Clearwater, Florida. When they planned a new addition to their building, the renovation meant that an iconic, 100-year-old live oak would have to be moved or chopped down. SUPERthrive was there.

Arborist Loren Westenberger chose to relocate this ancient oak tree 120 feet. While that may not seem far, it is highly unusual for a tree this large and this old to survive the stress of being uprooted from its long-term home.

SUPERthrive helped keep the root ball healthy and nourished during the change to its new site. Moving this 65-foot tall, 125-ton behemoth, with boughs that alone were 40 feet across, went perfectly. This timeless and sprawling oak tree was successfully transplanted to the spot where you can still find it today.

Clearwater, Florida Tree Move

Christmas Trees

Before Santa Claus can come to town, you need a Christmas tree. If that tree adorns the lawn outside the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.-then you want to make sure it stays healthy.

Every year a tree is picked from one of America's National Forests to serve as the Capitol Christmas Tree. On November 2, 2012, citizens in Meeker, Colorado celebrated and proudly displayed the Engelmann Spruce they harvested nearby. Four days later, on November 6, they sent their tree from the nearby White River National Forest to Washington, D.C.

Anybody who's ever owned a Christmas tree knows that keeping them alive-even with ample amounts of water-can be a tricky task. Now imagine keeping one alive seven to eight times as large for nearly two months, kicked off by a cross-country journey.

That's where SUPERthrive came in.

Transporting any tree can cause stress that results in loss of leaves or needles and damage to the tree's health. That's why organizers of the 2012 Capitol Christmas Tree chose SUPERthrive to help prevent shock during the 1,800 mile cross-country trip. It helped the tree shine during the nearly two months it was displayed in front of the Capitol.

That was not the first time SUPERthrive helped a traveling tree stay healthy. In 2010 contractors requested a gallon of SUPERthrive from Dr. Thomson and harvested another Engelmann Spruce for Wyoming's contribution. Coming from the Bridger-Teton National Forest this 83-foot Spruce made the entire trip with a large bladder of SUPERthrive solution around its open trunk to prevent shock. This kept the boughs and needles healthy throughout the journey and maintained it to share its beauty on the Capitol lawn for the entire season.

Capitol Christmas Tree, 2012